Do Ho Suh’s Vertigo-Inducing House Opens to the Public

The 70,000 pound house, built from scratch, took one of America’s largest cranes to lift it into place. It’s fully furnished inside and even has an outdoor garden with a plum tree.

So what’s it feel like stepping inside? From Lehmann Maupin: “Inside, people report awe - and vertigo. There are some amazing views of the campus, the Torrey Pines mesa all around. But then there’s the fact that, except for the chandelier hanging straight from the ceiling (thanks to gravity), there isn’t a single plumb line to the house. The floor of the artwork sits at a 5-degree angle from the flat roof of Jacobs Hall, while the house itself is built at a different 10-degree angle. Fallen Star conforms to California earthquake building codes and was built to withstand 100 mph winds. Its foundation is 18 inches thick, compared to the usual 4 inches. But people are perceptually tricked into feeling like they’re falling. Some feel seasick or wobbly. It’s disorienting.”

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I took a break alright, bite me!

I took a break alright, bite me!

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Aux Vivres (by KCA)

The all-vegan cafe we ended up going to twice on the trip. The brunch is highly recommended.


Yey! Flying again this June 1 via Philippine Airlines! Can’t wait to see my co-volunteers again. It’s been a year…

Once more into the fray
Into the last good fight I’ll ever know
Live and die on this day
Live and die on this day…
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